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Billericay Town dock O’Hara two weeks’ wages following Leatherhead incident

Date Posted,April 16, 2017

Jamie O’Hara has been docked two weeks’ wages by Billericay Town after unsavoury scenes following the team’s 3-2 defeat at Leatherhead.

Former Spurs star O’Hara was filmed pushing a young fan as he was taunted leaving the pitch after the Isthmian Premier Division fixture.

Boss and owner Glenn Tamplin was walking alongside O’Hara, and insists his player was spat at, had things thrown at him and was verbally abused as he left the pitch.

But Tamplin, in a statement written by the club, has confirmed Billericay have taken disciplinary action against O’Hara.

“Following the unsavoury aftermath of Saturday’s game against Leatherhead FC I deem it necessary to release a statement to establish the Club’s position on the matter,” the statement read.

O’Hara was taunted as he left the pitch

“As Jamie O’Hara, Paul Konchesky and I left the pitch after the game we began to receive a totally unprecedented level of abuse from gathering opposition fans.

“I was very disappointed to see that there was no protection provided by stewards or officials to grant us safe passage from the field and we were therefore directly confronted by the abusive ‘fans’.

“The three of us were unsurprisingly concerned for our safety and this led to a regrettable incident where Jamie reacted by pushing away a fan because of the abuse of which included him being spat at and things thrown at him.

“As a club and personally the reaction was wholly unacceptable and a most regrettable incident.

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