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Day McDermott went for foul-mouthed Bellamy — and Carragher helped break it up

Date Posted,March 28, 2017

I jumped off the ground in celebration and nearly banged my head on the ceiling when Graeme Souness invited me to join his coaching staff at Newcastle.

At the time, there were plenty of stories that Graeme and Craig Bellamy weren’t exactly bosom buddies.

Evidently, he had called Graeme by the C-word – not something you say to someone like Graeme, who quickly had him by the throat.

There was always a problem when Craig was around.

He’s probably grown up now and regrets some of the things he did, like most of us.

I was asked to do a newspaper article on coming back to Newcastle for the local paper.

McDermott returned to Newcastle in 2005 as assistant to former team-mate Souness (Photo: Daily Mirror)

I mentioned in the piece what a disruptive influence Craig can be — he has caused trouble wherever he goes and I said the club had to get rid of him.

A few days later, he was on his way to Celtic on loan.

I never saw him again at Newcastle but a couple of years later we were playing Liverpool at Anfield and, by then, Craig had signed for them.

After the game, I was walking down the stairs when someone at my shoulder calls me a “w*****” – I looked round and saw it was Craig.

I asked him what he had just said, and he followed it up by calling me a “f****** w*****.”

I got hold of him and yanked him over the bannister.

It was now bedlam and everyone trying to cool things down.

Jamie Carragher came racing over, but I’d lost it.

The Brian Reade column
Bellamy wound up colleagues and opponents alike during his playing days (Photo: Getty)

“Come here and say that again and you’ll see what happens to you,” I shouted at Bellamy.

Five months later, we played Liverpool at St James’ Park… and I’m ready for him.

At first, when he put out his hand, I thought he was trying to punch me – but to be fair, he wanted to shake hands and end the ill-feeling between us.

At Newcastle, he fell out with Alan Shearer and started sending him abusive text messages when he was up at Celtic.

One day, I was playing golf with Alan when his phone goes and all I can hear Alan shouting, “You little s***bag!”

He was mouthy, but Bells was a good player.

* Adapted by Mike Walters from Terry Mac: Living For The Moment by Terry McDermott , published by Trinity Mirror Sport Media, RRP £18.99 hardback

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