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Gordon out for revenge on Defoe after England man ‘deliberately’ broke his arm

Date Posted,June 8, 2017

Craig Gordon admits he is out for revenge on Jermain Defoe after accusing the England striker of deliberately breaking his arm.

Scotland keeper Gordon suffered the horror injury during Sunderland’s defeat at Tottenham in November 2009 and ended up needing three operations and having a metal plate inserted in his left arm.

Gordon said: “Of course I know Defoe well. He broke my arm at White Hart Lane a few years ago, so you could definitely say there’s history there.

“No, I wasn’t pleased with the challenge. I went out to dive at his feet, he kicked my arm – and broke it. Watch it and judge for yourselves.

Jermain Defoe during the training session at St George’s Park (Photo: PA)

“I’ve still got the metal work in there from the three operations I needed to fix it, so it’s obviously going to stick with you a bit. It still hurts every now and again.

“To be fair, he tried to make contact after the game, but I wasn’t interested in speaking to him.

“It had a lot of impact on the progress I was making in my career at that time. I missed three months, came back and played a few games, then they tried to take the metal plate back out.

“I broke my arm again, missed another three or four months. That’s a good chunk of a season to miss. By the time I played my way back into good form,

it took a lot out of me.”

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