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How Brexit could impact Chelsea more than any other Premier League club

Date Posted,March 29, 2017

The United Kingdom’s exit from the EU could impact Chelsea more than any other Premier League club.

Almost three quarters of the appearances made by the club’s players and more than three quarters of the goals that they have scored have been by players either from the EU or with an EU second nationality.

The government will trigger Article 50 today and formally begin the process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

Antonio Conte has the biggest number of EU nationals in his squad (Photo: AFP)

With EU nationals’ rights to continue to live and work in the UK yet to be agreed, Mirror Sport has taken a look to see which clubs could be most affected by a “hard Brexit .”

EU nationals have made a total of 222 Premier League appearances for Chelsea so far this season, more than any other club.

A further 73 have been made by players who are from outside of the EU but have dual nationality from an EU country, such as David Luiz who is a Portuguese citizen as well as being Brazilian.

Chelsea's David Luiz celebrates scoring their first goal
David Luiz holds dual nationality being a Portuguese citizen as well as being Brazilian (Photo: REUTERS)

That works out at 273 appearances by players whose status could be impacted by a hard Brexit – almost three quarters (74%) of all Chelsea league appearances this season.

No other Premier League club has given a larger share of its total appearances to EU players.

It will come as no surprise then that a larger percentage of Chelsea’s goals have been scored by EU players than at any other club.

Eden Hazard has been one of the star performers for Chelsea this season (Photo: Getty Images Europe)

As many as 45 of the 58 league goals scored by Chelsea players this season (78%) have been scored by players either from the EU or with dual EU nationality.

Manchester City are one of the next most impacted clubs. As many as 59% of their appearances have been made by players either from the EU or with EU dual nationality such as Sergio Aguero (Spanish).

That’s the second highest percentage in the division. They’re followed by West Ham (57%), Arsenal (54%) and Middlesbrough (53%).

Sergio Aguero and his Manchester team-mates are not far behind Chelsea (Photo: REUTERS)

In terms of goals, Boro are the second most affected team in the league after Chelsea. As many as 74% of the league goals that their players have scored this season have been by EU nationals.

EU nationals have scored 71% of Manchester United’s league goals, 62% of Manchester City’s and 61% of Swansea’s.

Players from the Republic of Ireland have not been counted as EU nationals for this analysis as their status in the UK is protected by laws older than the EU.

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