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Italian police claim 1,000 Juventus fans injured during Turin stampede

Date Posted,June 3, 2017

Italian police have declared that around 1000 Juventus supporters were injured after panic erupted in the Piazza San Carlo during Juve’s Champions League final clash with Real Madrid.

A firecracker explosion sparked mayhem amongst panicked fans, who had gathered to watch the match on a giant screen.

Sky TG24 report that five people were seriously hurt, including a seven-year-old boy.

Video footage showed Juventus fans running away, screaming in fear, after a loud firecracker was apparently mistaken for a bomb.

Juventus’ fans run away from San Carlo Square (Photo: REUTERS)
Policemen evacuate a Juventus' supporter in Piazza San Carlo
Policemen evacuate a Juventus’ supporter in Piazza San Carlo (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)
The scene in San Carlos after the area was mostly cleared (Photo: EPA)

Afterwards shoes, beer bottles and bags littered the ground, while some of those injured were seen searching desperately for friends and relatives, according to a witness for Reuters.

Police set up an information point to help people find their loved ones, including many children who had been separated from their parents.

Juventus' supporters look for personal belongings in Piazza San Carlo
Juventus’ supporters look for personal belongings in Piazza San Carlo (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Turin’s mayor, Chiara Appendino, held a meeting with police on Sunday morning. She had been in Cardiff watching the game, which Juve lost 4-1.

She was then due to visit the local hospital where the seven-year-old boy was being treated. His condition, after suffering injuries to his head and torso, has been described as serious but stable.

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