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Pochettino demands 100% focus now Spurs have closed gap to leaders Chelsea

Date Posted,April 4, 2017

Mauricio Pochettino insists Tottenham will have the blinkers on with the Premier League set to become more than a one-horse race again.

Chelsea looked all set to canter to the trophy after creating a 10-point cushion with 10 games to go.

But their shock stumble against Crystal Palace on Saturday has opened the door for Spurs, who are leading the clubs jockeying for positions in the chasing pack.

Pochettino admits it was difficult to block out what eventual champions Leicester were doing last season as their incredible story captured the imagination of the world and generated a fuss that was impossible to ignore. But this year will be different.

The Spurs boss said: “The important thing that is happening now in the changing room is that we’re focusing on us and our opponent.

“Our opponent is not Chelsea, it’s Swansea. And next it will be Watford.

Eric Dier got the breakthrough goal as Pochettino’s men beat Burnley on Saturday (Photo: Getty)

“If not, we start to play two games — one against our real opponent and another in another stadium against Chelsea. You cannot play two games at the same time.

“Sometimes that is important to be focussed only on one thing. It’s not to spend time thinking about what’s happening in another stadium otherwise we start to lose.

“Last year it was a completely different reality.

“In that moment, Leicester was the big surprise for everyone and it was not only in England, in Europe — the world was excited about Leicester.

“It was — ‘Wow! It’s Leicester! They can win the Premier League!’ It was an exciting moment for the Premier League.

It was Tottenham against the world as they battled Leicester for last season’s title, says Pochettino (Photo: Getty)

“Only our supporters and us were sad. The rest of the teams the rest of England were very happy that Leicester were there.

“Chelsea, two year ago, won the championship and now it’s Chelsea, it’s Tottenham, it’s Manchester City, it’s Liverpool. It’s a normal thing that can happen.

“It was very strange last season. We suffered a lot because we were involved.

“We expended a lot of energy thinking about Leicester, the media, the challenge for the title. Many saw that we spent a lot of time thinking about what Arsenal or Chelsea were saying in the media. Now the team is focussed.

“We can win or we can lose, but we spend time only to be ready and try to give our best in every game.

“This is completely different today.”

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