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Really, Jose? Mourinho claims he would rather be unbeaten than have more points

Date Posted,April 6, 2017

Jose Mourinho claims he would rather be unbeaten than have more points.

Manchester United are struggling to finish in the top four because of their 12 draws, even though they are on a 20-game unbeaten run.

Mourinho accepts the draws are hurting United, but claims they show the Reds are improving under him.

And he says he would take 10 draws rather than five wins and five defeats because he feels it is a better indication of their long-term progress.

“I think it’s a good feeling to know we don’t lose many matches, that we have a fantastic run of 20 games unbeaten in the Premier League,” he said.

“I know as an example 10 matches, 10 draws, 10 points. Or 10 matches, five victories, five defeats, 15 points.

Manchester United drew with Everton in their previous match (Photo: PA Wire)

“What’s better? The 15 points obviously.

“But in terms of looking to the future, I prefer to look at 10 matches, 10 draws because you have something that’s not easy to have.

“You are quite solid mentally, difficult to beat, you fight against difficult circumstances, that kind of mentality of resilience, it’s good to have it.

“But the points are the reality and it would be better for us in 10 matches to have five victories and five defeats.”

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