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SIMON BIRD: Even Moyes’ apology went wrong, summing up Sunderland’s capacity for calamity

Date Posted,April 3, 2017

David Moyes issued his apology – the latest from a club all too familiar with on and off-the-field crises.

Even in his moment of being humble, and offering genuine “profound regret,” the Sunderland manager didn’t quite get it right.

Getting exasperated with the continued questioning, he unintentionally threw light onto the football industry’s often uncomfortable relationship with women.

“As I said, I’ve apologised to the girl,” he added.

The “girl” being an intelligent grown woman employed by the BBC’s flagship show with the right to ask a pertinent question, without being warned she might get a “slap”.

The reporter, Vicki Sparks, has kept her own counsel, never wanting to be the story — or the subject of the neanderthal backlash such a furore can create.

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