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VAR branded a “farce” as Confederations Cup trial ends with Jara escaping red

Date Posted,July 1, 2017

The Confederations Cup final was marred by yet another VAR confusion, as the video referee experiment ended on a bum note.

Referee Milorad Mazic missed a brutal elbow from Chile defender Gonzalo Jara on Germany star Timo Werner in real time, as the European side won the tournament.

After a complaint from the Germans the Serbian ref decided to get a second view of the incident on the video screen.

But despite the clear cheap blow from former West Brom man Jara, Mazic decided to only show a yellow card rather than a red – to shock players.

And after a tournament of controversy with the video referee trial, it proved the last straw for ITV pundit Lee Dixon – branded the technology a “farce”.

Gonzalo Jara clearly elbows Timo Werner (Photo: FS1 Sport)
Gonzalo Jera makes contact with Timo Werner (Photo: FS1 Sport)

The former Arsenal defender: “After looking at it, it has to be a red. It is so red it is purple, it is so obvious.

“He might not have seen it from his angle in play, but then saw the right angle from the replay and how that is a yellow in anybody’s book is baffling.

“Maybe he has left his red card in the dressing room!

“Other sports must be looking at it and thinking what a joke football is.

“Everyone up in the box who thinks that is a yellow card should be locked up, put in a van and driven away somewhere.

The VAR made the decision (Photo: FIFA via Getty Images)
Referee Milorad Mazic checks on Timo Werner (Photo: REUTERS)
But Milorad Mazic only showed yellow for the assault (Photo: Matthias Hangst/Bongarts/Getty Images)

“They can’t use it like that. If they use it like that it’s going to be a farce.”

Previously in the World Cup warm up event in Russia, the VAR system came under heavy criticism for its wrong decisions and perplexing procedures.

The highest profile gaffe was in Cameroon’s defeat to Germany, as ref Wilmar Roldan decided to send off the wrong players despite watching a replay.

Ernest Mabouka fouled Liverpool midfielder Emre Can but innocent party Sebastien Siani was shown red by mistake, leading to outrage among the Cameroonian squad.

Referee Wilmar Roldan checks out the VAR earlier in the tournament (Photo: REUTERS)
The wrong Cameroonian sees red (Photo: Getty Images Europe)

Wilmar eventually checked the video again and corrected his mistake.

In the semi-final between Chile and Portugal, the South Americans’ were denied a stonewall penalty after West Ham centre back Jose Fonte tackled Francisco Silva.

The video assistant referees are able to notify the on-pitch official if a blatant error has occurred, as was the case, but play continued with no spot kick being awarded.

Despite all the anger over VARs, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has backed its use at next summer’s World Cup.

“Nothing is standing in the way of using VARs [at the World Cup], as far as I’m concerned,” Infantino said.

“So far it has been successful. We are learning, we are improving, we are continuing the tests.

“Without the VARs, we would have had a different tournament. And a tournament which would have been a little less fair.

“We need to work still on some of the details, on the communication and the speed of the decisions being taken.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to joke about the failed technology.

Adam Hurrey tweeted: The VAR system will now review the entire tournament before Germany can lift the trophy, just a sec.”

Luca Gierl wrote: “If I didn’t know any better I’d say FIFA don’t want the VAR and thus implement it the worst way possible to make people hate it.”

Danny Young added: “Only football can have VAR and still get decisions totally wrong.”

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