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Wilshere reveals S Club 7 and George Michael are his musical inspirations

Date Posted,April 10, 2017

Jack Wilshere has revealed the musical inspirations behind his emergence at Arsenal and it includes George Michael, Elvis Presley and S Club 7.

The Arsenal star is currently enjoying a successful loan period at Bournemouth but he will never forget the journey he encountered as a youngster and the music that used to help him relax as he drove into training with the north London club.

The 25-year-old recently revealed his love for rapper Drake, but it was a much different story when he was growing up.

Wilshere will never forget his first concert watching S Club 7 (Photo: Reuters)

Wilshere was a big fan of music legend George Michael but it may come as a surprise to learn that S Club 7 was also one of his big favourites.

The England star reveals that he used to buy a number of their singles and albums and still remembers his first ever concert watching the pop group perform at Wembley Arena.

Wilshere, speaking on, said: “When I was growing up as a kid the type of music I was into then is not the same now as I like now.

George Michael was constantly played in the Wilshere car on the way to training (Photo: Daily Mirror)

“Back then it was stuff like S Club 7, Boyzone, Ronan Keating and music like that. The music that was on in the house was stuff like George Michael. My dad was a massive George Michael fan.

“We had Wham, my mum used to like the Lighthouse Family, my dad was an Elvis Presley fan so there was quite a good mix.

“I quite like George Michael’s music. Growing up I used to travel in with my dad every other day and he was always playing that in the car. I used to pick that up as a kid and some of it stuck with me.

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