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You’ve had it easy! Moyes insists he had it tougher at Old Trafford than Mourinho

Date Posted,April 7, 2017

David Moyes insists Jose Mourinho has been given an easier ride at Manchester United than he got – all because Mourinho has already won a trophy in his first season.

The Portuguese boss led United to an EFL Cup final victory over Southampton at Wembley in February.

Moyes, who lasted nine months as United boss after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson in the summer of 2013, was denied a place in the League Cup Final during his reign – by current club Sunderland.

The Black Cats boss, today hosting United for the first time since they sacked him three years ago, desperately needs a win to cling to any hope of rock-bottom Sunderland escaping relegation.

And, reflecting on his contrasting fortunes with Mourinho, Moyes stressed: “You have to win trophies at Manchester United and Jose has a trophy under his belt quickly. I lost to Sunderland on penalty kicks in the semi-final.

The Scot believes Mourinho has had it easier than he did at United (Photo: John Peters)

“It’s small margins at times which can change things. That’s what I’m talking about now – if we can get a small margin to go our way, it could alter things.

“But I think winning is a big thing at a club like Manchester United and you quickly learn that.

“You have to win. They will be up there competing every year. Every manager needs a bit of time and whoever is at Manchester United needs a bit of time to understand the club, the size and how it works.

“I have been asked the question 100,000 times and I’ve thought about it really hard. There are some small things I might have done differently at United, but the truth is, I don’t think I’d have done an awful lot differently.

“I wanted to buy top players, I wanted to slowly change the squad around because it had just won the Premier League. I knew there were some ageing players and it had to be done, but I knew it couldn’t be done in the first season.

“For me, it was a longer, drawn-out process and, because of the length of my contract, that was the way I saw it being.

“I don’t think you ever get offered the Manchester United job if you’re a bad manager. You only get that position if you’ve had something to show previously.

“But I do think Sir Alex was given a good period to change things around when he went there – and he turned it around. I don’t think you can quickly turn it around because it’s a big beast.

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